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Located in the picturesque town of Glastonbury, Connecticut, Thompson Law. LLC is known for representing clients during the best of times and during the worst.  Our firm specializes in all Family Law matters, from prenuptial agreements to child custody and divorce as well as wills and estate planning. Thompson Law brings extensive experience and professionalism to every case and customizes our support to your individual needs and concerns. Going thru a divorce can be stressful and complicated… we aim to make it easier for you and your family.

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Areas of Practice

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Have assets or want to make sure your children from a previous relationship are protected?  Discuss issues before saying "I do". Make sure your premarital assets are protected. It is very important in today’s world that you protect yourself and go into marriage feeling confident in your choices with a new spouse.

In addition to premarital assets protecting your business and future inheritances is often high on many couples priority list in case of a future divorce.

Family Law Attorney Kimberly Thompson has helped countless couples protect what belongs to them. Call 860-633-9988 for a free consultation.

Mediation/Collaborative divorce

Mediation - If you and your spouse want to save time and money and can communicate..... Mediation may be for you!  Mediation reduces the stress of litigation and generally couples are happier as they have a say in the process. You and your spouse make decisions together in mediation about what is best for your family from division of assets to custody arrangements and alimony.

Call 860-633-9988 for a FREE consultation. I do recommend review counsel so both parties feel confidant in their decisions while mediating.

Collaborative Law - Collaborative Law allows you and your spouse to negotiate a fair settlement while staying mostly out of court.  You will both be represented by individual attorneys who will look out for your best interest without having the stress of litigating in the courtroom.

Collaborative Law is similar to mediation in that you are trying to negotiate a fair settlement. Collaborative Law is different from mediation in that you are each represented by a lawyer looking out for your best interest. There are many collaborative attorneys in the Hartford area.


Feeling anxiety from facing the unknown? Thompson Law can guide you thru the process and explain your options to you. I’ll explain the three types of divorce… litigation, collaborative divorce and mediation.

We do many high net worth divorces and have an understanding of what you can expect from the courts no matter what assets you have. Let us help you. Whether you are an executive, a business owner or a professional such as a Doctor or Lawyer we have you covered. We can assist you with business valuations, practice valuations, appraisals on commercial properties, and much more.

When necessary we will bring in financial planers, accountants and appraisers. Preserve assets by utilizing our experience and knowledge of Connecticut Case law. Lets us figure out the best way for you to handle your case.

Alimony &  Post Judgment Modifications

Post-Divorce Modifications - Have circumstances changed since your divorce was finalized?  Child Support, Alimony and Custody/ Visitation as well as Relocation may be able to be modified. Call Attorney Thompson to see the best way to proceed I yiur post judgment case.

Child Custody

Learn how the child support guidelines work and what you can expect in child support. Important changes were made in 2015 for shared parenting arrangements. 

Call 860-633-9988 to find out if you are paying too much or not receiving enough. We can help with the best outcome.

Wills/healthcare directives and power of attorney's

Estate Planning - Planning for your family's future is one of the most important things you can do. Wills starting at $450.  Call for special rates for couples. We will assist you with estate planning, estate settlement, tax planning, and planning for disposition of your business.

Living Wills/ Power of Attorney- No one likes to think about the worst case scenario but a health care directive and/or a Power of Attorney can be helpful to have if and when they are ever needed.  Plan for the future now.  Call for rates.


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